Digital Marketing Free Trial: Everything You Need To Know About It

Digital Marketing free trial is a cutting-edge strategy to promote business. Free trials help increase brand awareness and conversion rates, allow users to interact with the product or service, experience its features, base, and tools, and create leads to turn freemium customers into paying customers.

Companies like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and SaaS offer free trials to interact with potential customers. Because it promotes brand awareness, reduces the risk to customers, and generate leads from freemium customer to paying customer and loyalty. So, it plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Moreover, a free trial helps to interact with a large audience.

By offering free trials, companies interact with current and future customers. They understand their pain points, what customers want in this specific software, and how they can improve it in the future. Moreover, brand-new software can reduce customer risk by offering free trials. On the other hand, well-known brand use it to interact with more and more customers.

As an entrepreneur, a free trial can help you to understand the accessibility of the software. Free trials in digital marketing are relatively inexpensive. So offering free trails with limited access enable you to understand the usability and accessibility of the software.

It becomes challenging to offer free trials in this freemium age. Before providing free trials, it is necessary to set its limitations, trails period, and onboarding time.

What Is Digital Marketing Free Trial?

Offering digital marketing free trials to a large number of groups with limited access so that they can know what a product is and how it can be used is known as Digital Marketing Free Trail. The expense of offering free trials into Saas products is relatively inexpensive. The more customers interact with the product, the higher the chances of converting customers into paying customers.

It covers all aspects, including brand recognition, awareness, generating leads, and converting free customers into paying customers.

A digital marketer should understand the differences between offering free trials and freemium. A free trial is provided with limited access but for unlimited time. In contrast, freemium means offering free with unlimited access but for a limited time.

A digital marketer should understand the balance before offering for free. Nowadays, free trials are offered by every Saas software. This software includes Canva, Amazon Web Service, Google App, Dropbox, and many more. Before providing free trials, it is mandatory to establish a strong strategy. Building a strategy for free trials can help you convert your free customers into paying customers.

The purpose and objectives for offering free trials should be clear. Like, For a digital marketer whose brand is new and unknown to customers. Offering free trials can reduce the risk to customers before paying it. Customers can use the software for free to understand its functions and features of the software. They can give feedback to improve the functionality where needed. On the other hand, a well-known brand offers free trials to introduce a new product to them.

Convenient Ways To Offer Free Trail Marketing Strategy

As we stated above, offering free trails is relatively inexpensive. The more customers interact with your product, the more chances of buying will increase. But it only happens sometimes. Interacting with more customers does not guarantee that they will convert into paying customers. So here we have two ways to offer free trials to customers.

Offering Digital Marketing Free Trial By Asking for Debit or Credit Card Information

Offering free trials by asking for credit card information brings quality leads. But in SaaS products, it is different. Many SaaS products offer free trials to let the customer know if the product is according to their need, and if they don’t, they must have a compelling reason not to do so.

Asking for debit or credit card information before starting the trial period will help you to retrench customers who are not your potential customers. It is beneficial when your product too costly that you can afford to offer it for free. It is beneficial when you are targeting Revenue Per User (RPU) and you want to avoid customers who are tire-kickers.

Also, asking for debit or credit card information before the trial period start can help your customer convert to paying customer. It becomes so easy to buy when you have already entered your card detail, and while working on the software, your customer thinks he wants a pacific feature more for use. So, it becomes easier to convert your customer from free trials to paying customers.

Offering Digital Marketing Free Trial Without Asking Debit Or Credit Card Information

Offering free trials without asking for debit or credit card information becomes beneficial when your brand is well known and you will introduce your first product of the new launch category. To test the product with customers, serving many customers simultaneously and taking feedback about it can help you improve and make it more personalized.

It is beneficial to target your total amount instead of Revenue per person. Offering free trials without asking debit or credit card can help you to test its base more, and you can gather more data instead of paying customers.

It will generate more leads, remove user barriers, decrease customer risk, avoid refunds, and improve user experience with your product.

Here is an example of a website offering a 14-day free trial without asking for credit card information to facilitate or engage its customer in managing social media channels

Digital Marketing Free Trial Strategy

The following are the strategies that should be taken into account while offering free trials:

Engage With Your Customer Via Email

Whenever you avail of a facility of Saas product, it becomes necessary to log in with your email address. It plays an important role in marketing. Saas marketers check customers’ activity at every product journey and try to convert customers into paying customers.

By logging in with an email address, Saas products gather information about each customer and suggest products and features according to their needs and interests. So, engaging with customers via email results in more personalized suggestions and opinions about a product.

A Saas marketer can promote more information about free trials and products through email.

Intimate Before The Free Trails Is Expired

To convert customers from free customers into paying customers, it is necessary to inform them when the free trial will end. It may help them become paying customers if the product is tailored more to their needs. By doing this, they can prevent themselves from loss of data.

Also, reminding them through email could help notify them if they forgot to avail of free trials of that product. Reminding through email can increase the usage of that product. It helps remind customers about the free trial cut-off date. It will help customers decide whether it is convenient for long-term use.

A little reminder can help your customer to stay connected with your product.

Offer Discount To Subscribe Before Free Trail Ends

One more tool to increase the conversion rate is to offer discounts before the free trial ends. It will help your customer to maintain pace while using your product. Once the customer starts using your product, offering a discount in the middle can increase conversion rates. It is when you can offer a discount to convert your customers into paying instead of offering a discount at the end of the trial period.

Ask For Immediate Action

Adding immediate CTA or asking for action can bring the desired result for your product. Of course, in the end, what marketers or product owners are waiting for? for an action. Recurring immediate action also helps customer to alert their thought on what to do next when a trial period ends. A clear procedure to convert them into paying customers may help to increase conversion rates.

Designing baby steps down the sales funnel is definitely to increase conversion rates. However, not all customers need to take CTA as an immediate action. Connecting your customers with your product by providing a blog or asking for feedback can help you to stay connected with your potential customers. If they are not converting into paying customers immediately, it is possible by providing more value. They will convert into paying customers soon.

Allow Customers To Extend Free Trail More

Allowing customers to extend the free trial period helps build trust in your product. A customer may not take time to test your product, and the free trial ends. Giving them a second chance to test may help customers to connect with your product. More depending on your product, explore more about your product, and increase trust and confidence while using your product.

Extending the free trial periods may help build a strong relationship with your customers, and it does not harm you in any way. Even it can help retain your customer with your product and not lose them at any stage.

Make Easy Steps To Buy Subscriptions

Sometimes it overlaps the marketer and product owner to consider the steps leading to buying a customer subscription. In this stage, a developer and product owner should refrain from assuming that the customer will know about any action. Make it simple and clear, step by step. Confusion or ambiguity in buying may turn into losing a potential customer. Instead of telling what actions should not be taken, focus on steps to take and make the process simple and easy. However, a clear and vivid CTA option is the last step if you have asked for credit card information before starting the trial period.

Why Are Digital Marketing Free Trials Necessary?

Every Saas product offers free trials because it serves both the product owner and the customer. In addition, it helps to generate more leads than any other source. However, it serves both start-ups and well-known brands.

Digital Marketing Free Trial For Start-ups

Free trails digital marketing plays a win-win situation for both the consumer and product owner. It helps customers determine the user interface and workflow of that product. Free trials help to determine if the product is serving its purpose.

Digital Marketing Free Trial For Well-Known Brands

Offering free trials from a well-known brand help to introduce a new product that helps fulfill customers’ needs. Any SaaS product from a well-known brand offers free trials to check its usability and how customers interact with it.

Digital Marketing Online Free Trials Objective

Digital marketing free trials are a part of the marketing strategy of a product. However, it is offered with specific objectives. Although it can be offered by strat-up or well-known brands, it serves in particular ways.

Create a Powerful Brand

Offering free trials can help in many ways, both for the consumer and the organization. It helps to create a brand image and awareness; interacting with customers results in personalized feedback for the organization. This personalized feedbacks help the organization to improve the brand’s productivity and make it accessible to every customer who is considered to be a potential customer of this product.

Identify Market

Offering free trials help the organization identify its potential market. For instance, airtabel serves many customers who can use it for different purposes. Make it accessible in different aspects from a student, inventory management, and company CEO can use it for better project management. So, it is essential to identify a market in which a product can serve hassle-free.


Offering a free trial has become the need of any SaaS product. It serves as a strong tool to increase conversions as many customers are involved with the development, the chances of conversion increase. A free trial is a beneficial tool for start-ups and well-known brands. It serves its purpose to both in many aspects. However, sometimes offering a free trial may cost you some budget, but it is different in every case. If a product is SaaS-based, it is inexpensive to offer free trials with limited features. You can restrict value-added features to paid versions.


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