Freelance IT Auditor

Undoubtedly Freelance IT Auditors are the most demanding category in the IT profession. Before I dive into the article, let me briefly tell you about the freelance auditor job. First, you should know about, Evaluating, developing, and examining processes and auditing reports. Furthermore, Freelance IT auditors help companies and organizations secure their internal controls and prevent security breaches.

At the same time, you can work remotely as a freelance IT auditor on other platforms, like Fiverr, LinkedIn, Freelance, and Especially Here is a link to that platform for a better opportunity to grab the job.


Therefore, Freelance IT auditors specialize in the IT industry. And freelance IT auditors provide a more effective service at a flexible cost. In this case, Freelancing gives you the supremacy to work as you want, depending on your condition and preferred timing. As freelance IT auditors, companies and organizations hire you to handle their finances, infrastructure, and operating processes and provide solutions to the company’s security issues.

At the same time, you can work remotely as a freelance IT auditor on other platforms, like Fiverr, LinkedIn, Freelance, and Especially Here is a link to that platform for a better opportunity to grab the job.


In the first place! When we talk about the traditional market where sellers and buyers work together. For this reason, Fiverr is the world’s largest digital marketplace. Also, you can find a top freelancer here. In addition, Fiverr is the place where freelancers get jobs that are suitable for their abilities. Indeed, Fiverr has over 500 categories that offer digital marketing services.


Secondly, LinkedIn is a site, Designed for social networking and the business community. Moreover, 64% of freelancers get a job through a referral in their account. LinkedIn is a trusted platform for business too.


In addition, Freelance is the world’s largest digital marketplace. Eventually, You can find a top freelancer for every kind of work on Freelance .com.

To begin a career as a freelancer, is the best place. Because this site offers companies the option to hire a freelancer for commission-based work, it is also a traditional freelance place.


2. Freelance IT Auditor Qualification

Above all, as a Freelance IT auditor, you need academic degrees, like a Bachelor’s degree in account administration and business management, specializing in marketing, sales, and communication. To succeed in this field, you must have multiple certifications according to market influence.

3. How To Become A Freelance IT Auditor

In addition, there is a guide for you on “How to Become a Freelance IT Auditor.” Step by step. This list helps you to arrange the map of success for your future.

3.1. Have A Degree In Bachelor

You need! Bachelor’s degree for this job. Public accountants, business administration, and (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018) “certified information systems auditors” (CISA) increase job prospects.

3.2. Experience In The Account And Audit Field

As for as I know, to run a self-employed career, you should have nearly 1-3 years of work experience with companies. However, When you are in the field, you must be an expert at solving problems and dare to face any hurdle. Therefore, it is up to you when starting work; the decision is up to you.

4. Freelance IT Auditor Skill

Certainly, Freelance IT auditors should have “professional experience” In auditing, accounting, and controlling. Also, they should know business processes even so.

Although, He can communicate and convince others about solutions and effectively identify problems. The IT auditor importantly has professional expertise in analytic review.

For instance, detail about their abilities will help you understand the auditor’s work.

4.1. Master Of Its Audit Methodology

Moreover, In this skill, IT auditors examine company infrastructure and evaluate information technology. And, Focus on computer system assets, maintaining data, and collecting evidence for achieving company and organization goals.

For example, You can take the course from this site:

And I believe That will enhance your abilities.

course duration Duration of the course individual
Individual Project in Audit Analytics 3 MONTHS TO 4 YEARS
Information Technology Audit 4 WEEKS TO 4 YEARS
Audit Analytic SIX MONTH
Accounting in the Digital Era 4 YEARS


   4.1.2 Command On Finance, Its Application

As far as I know, An IT freelance auditor operates Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for applications. And therefore! This visual studio is helpful in mange, To a large number of elements in a typical application, and commands have been added, To this software.

    4.1.3. Knowledge Of SAP, QAD, MFGPro

First, QAD is an IT audit tool. Here is a plugin, Which produces businesses in the automotive, beverage, food, and high-tech industries, etc. It is an adaptive EPR cold-based solution that combines supply chain, customer service, and finance in one platform.

Second, SAP is also an IT auditing tool that software is excellent for solving business issues. The integrated application allows to organization’s manage their business processes. Therefore, this skill requires more time and certification, and others you can learn certainly.

Third, MFGPro this software provides complete control over the manufacturing process. It gives the visible ability to the company and organization to increase operational efficiencies and profitability.

    4.1.4. Experience With 360 Security, VSX, And Endpoint Security

Although! 360 security is the most advanced cybersecurity system. In short, These tools help an IT auditor to secure companies’ and organizations’ data and save their system to antivirus.

Secondly, VSX Is Virtual Switching Extension (VSX). Also, this extension helps the IT auditor to access the IP address. In other words, With this extension, you can access the rest IP without login in separately from another account as long as you want.

Thirdly Endpoint security is antivirus software that helps an IT auditor protect their customer’s computer system and examine and process suspicious activities ultimately.

  4.1.5. Experience With Firewalls And Business Operating Processes

At this time, Firewalls have an enormous influence on the modern security system. For business processes, firewalls apply to IT security systems.

5. Responsibilities Of A Freelance IT Auditor


    • First, Identify the primary objectives

    • And then, Audit data, plan, and development

    • Most importantly, Coordinating and executing all the audit activities

    • After that, Following the company, the industry, and established. Auditor’s report

    • Furthermore, Possessing and updating all the audit documentation

    • Audit internal company data and provide the solution

    • Although, Creating a detailed chart and following best practices allow companies to meet the requirements

    • And Proceeding with the audit, findings, and recommendations to relevant people

    • In the last, Implement the instruction for the company (only if the service will add to the cost)

 6. Career Opportunities For Freelance IT Auditor

Along with this article, you will explore various career opportunities for a freelance IT auditor. You can investigate the position on a different platform as you gain expertise as a freelance IT auditor. Afterward, Government organizations, IT companies, and banks have plenty of jobs, and they all need an IT auditor service for their businesses. Although, there is a different site that offers jobs to freelance IT auditors. Therefore, a creditor can work as a consulting auditor, an expert on cybersecurity, or an IT auditor.

7. Freelance IT Auditor Salary

In addition, a freelance IT auditor generates passive income from a different resource. Moreover, freelancers charge $70 to $120 per hour, although they are experienced and easily earn $50000 to $100000 per year. There is a chart for your convenience.
















salary increase and decrease based on expertise







Salary according to skill

8. Freelance IT Auditor Current Career Opportunities 

 Current job for IT auditor

1. Senior IT compliance analyst.

Senior IT compliance analyst develops and executes, New compliance policies and required procedures. He Creates and Evaluates internal operational and official compliance and documentation about Analyzing and updating existing compliance.

 2. Senior IT internal auditor.

The Senior Internal Auditor performs audits of the organization. And he controls financial and information systems, assessing compliance with applicable standards and guidelines and sufficiency of internal. 

3. Senior IT auditor.

 A Senior IT auditor holds more responsibilities than a staff auditor and reports directly to an audit manager who supervises both staff auditors and seniors. He performs auditing tasks related to IT operations. They provide IT support to the senior auditor.

4. Freelance IT auditor manager.

A freelance IT auditor manager manages IT staff recruiting, communicating job expectations and coaching employees, managing computer systems and information technology, Plan, organizing, and controlling IT and electronic data operations.

5. Freelance IT auditor.

A freelance IT auditor helps companies and organizations control their internal data and protect technology systems. They identify system weaknesses, prevent security breaches, and secure sensitive information by creating strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before the conclusion, There are some frequently asked questions about the topic “Freelance IT Auditor” for the reader’s convenience.

 1. What Is The Role Of A Freelance IT Auditor?

In this role, information technology (IT) auditors defend companies’ and organizations’ internal control and data with their technology systems. Moreover, make sure all security systems and functions work perfectly.

2. What Should A Freelance IT Auditor Know?

The duties of a freelance IT auditor are:

  1. Collecting evidence.
  2. Scoping the audit plan
  3. Documenting test results and analysis
  4. The interview process for company owners to understand their control environment.
  5. Select samples for the test.

3. How Can I Start An IT Auditing Career?

First of all, you need a technical bachelor’s degree. In addition, It will be better to have a professional course and certification to prove your skill to buyers or customers.

4. How Long Does It Take To Become A Freelance IT Auditor?

Generally, It’s Taken approximately 4 to 5 years to become a professional IT auditor. In the same way, If we add education in there, then it takes 7 to 9 years.

5. How Many Hours Do Freelance IT Auditors Work?

As freelance IT auditors work remotely, in this case, they can decide how many hours they want to work. Moreover, the minimum work time is 50–60 hours per week. 

6. Is A Freelance IT Audit Stressful?

Yes, “freelance IT auditing” is a critical responsibility for keeping everything to legal standards. Regardless of this, auditor work 40–55 hours per week. For this reason, they get stressed.

7. What Skills Are Best For A Freelance IT Audit?

A freelance IT auditor must have the following skills.

  • Data Scientist.
  • Data analysis.
  • Web applications 
  • Cyber security.
  • Create software and code
  • Cloud computing.
  • Communication and technical skill

8. Do Freelance IT Auditors Make A Lot Of Money?

Of course, in this career, pay potential is very high. Undoubtedly! You can earn as much as you want, depending on, Skills and demand.

Furthermore, the average annual income of a Freelance Auditor is $40000 to $79000, Entry level IT auditor salary.

9. How To Get A Freelance IT Audit Job With No Experience?

    • First of all, you have to pass the CISA exam. 
    • Take free classes and learn IT courses.
    • Apply to an IT company or take an internship.
    • Furthermore, try to talk about every little detail with the senior auditor of your current company.

10. Is A Freelance IT Auditor Job In Demand?

Yes! Nowadays, Freelance IT auditing is a very high-demand profession. Therefore, you can pursue your career as a freelance IT auditor Because most companies hire “IT auditors” for their business security.

9. Conclusion

However, a freelance IT auditor focused on improving and developing beneficial strategies for the company and managing and updating document reviews based on analytic recommendations. Thus, an IT auditor is responsible for the company’s IT management and security system.

Moreover last but not least, you can choose a full-time or part-time job, with plenty of opportunities from different platforms. For instance, you will earn in dollars on your preferred package too. Indeed, a freelancer in IT auditing is an on-demand profession. Therefore, every company and organization wants to hire them.

In brief, if you have knowledge and command of accounting, software and consulting, communicating, and problem-solving skill! You are a suitable person for this job. Certainly, a freelance IT auditor generates $40000 to $1040000 per year. Lastly, in this article, I try to explain all queries about this topic, which can help you find your dream job. Moreover, I covered everything you need to know about “Freelance IT Auditor” Otherwise if you want more information about this topic, let me know in the comment box.

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