How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Fiverr

How old do you have to be to use Fiverr? So the answer is, You should be at least 18 years of age anyone who is 13 years old or above (below 18) can use Fiverr with the help of a parent or guardian. It is the most crucial question for those who want to start working on this platform. Moreover, Every website has some age restrictions that everyone should follow to avoid inconvenience. So you should know that according to Fiverr minor’s policy, you should be 18 years old to enjoy all the projects & jobs.

Fiver Introduction

Before talking about age rules & regulations, you must know about Fiverr. It is a non-traditional digital marketplace that gives a forum for the seller to sell their service through putting gigs & also for the buyer or customer to find the product & services too.

You can go to the Fiverr homepage to get the desired information.

Minors Policy

How old you have to be to use Fiverr is a genius & Realistic question too. Although, Everyone who uses or wants to start working on Fiverr first asks this question before using the site. However, age matters in each phase of life. You should keep in your mind before using Fiverr that you should be at least 18 years old to hold complete access to the site. Before using the site, you must read the minor’s policy.

After reading this, you will be able to know that the age restriction should be followed by everyone who gets benefits from Fiverr.

Essential Information To Use Fiverr

Here is some basic information regarding Fiverr.

1. Gigs

When anyone listens, the word gig must be confused about it so here you will understand what gig is. The gig is the services that sellers or freelancers can provide. You have to put your gigs in different niches.

2. Impressions

When you will use Fiverr you will see the impressions on your profile. It simply means clicking on your gig means how many times your gig was viewed.

3. Seller/Buyer Mode

You will see both modes on your profile to be chosen when you use Fiverr. In addition, if you are a buyer, you will select buyer mode & if you are a seller, you will choose seller mode.

4. Response Rate

You will see the option of response time in your profile with a percentage. On the contrary, It shows your response percentage means how you respond to your client constantly, early or late.

5. Order Completion

It means how per cent of orders you accomplish, and it also shows in percentage. For instance, Rejecting the order for any reason can affect your order completion rate too.

Important Points About Fiverr

These are some essential points that should be noted.

1. On-Time Delivery

Delivery is the most important thing in any business. For instance, if the client gets his service or product at a time, using Fiverr in seller mode will be productive. Therefore, you must watch this section should be accurate in all ways.

2. Positive Rating

A positive rating on Fiverr is also a good start for you if you use Fiverr as a beginner. It is the identification of the service provider.

3. Seller Level

Although, If you use Fiverr in seller mode, your sales level will be increased from level 1 to level 2 & level 3 & upward. Whereas if you fulfil all the achievements & goals.

4. Next Evaluation

You will also see the next evaluation option in your profile. It is consist of the date to be considered on which date your level will analyze.

5. Earnings

If you use Fiverr, You will also see the earnings column in your profile with detailed options.


i. Personal Balance It will clearly show how much credit or balance you have right now.
ii. Earning In The Current Month( With The Month’s Name)  However, you can easily find your current month’s earnings.
iii. Average Selling Price You can find your average selling price in US$ in the mentioned column.
iv. Active Orders You can also find how many orders you have in your Active Order portion.
v. Cancelled Orders Here you will find how many orders you have cancelled



Finally, Fiverr is the marketplace where age restrictions are also most essential. Still, If you just want to introduce yourself as a freelancer with your services, you can just make an account on Fiverr and tell the World about your gigs which you are and what you can do for them too.

Requirements For Working On Fiverr

You need these requirements while working on Fiverr.

1. A Laptop/Computer With A Good Internet Connection

It is simply the first requirement for working on Fiverr. However, A good internet connection on the computer/ laptop is a basic need for a user of Fiverr.

2. An In-Demand Skill

Although, You must be capable in your skills to introduce yourself as a freelancer on Fiverr. You should know everything about your skills.

3. Communication

You should be good at communication as it is a most critical & essential requirement for a freelancer to work in any marketplace.

4. Portfolio

In addition, you must have a portfolio to give the clients as your previous work or experience in any field or skill you want to work on Fiverr.

Age Policies And Circumstances 

Here are some age policies & circumstances that you should follow, which are as following

  • To enjoy the Fiverr journey, you must follow all the rules and regulations because they will help you find all types of jobs and services.
  • Fiverr provides free sign-up opportunities for all users, which is this site’s most significant advantage.
  • Obviously, You can easily communicate with your clients & customers with a private chat option.

Advantages Of Fiverr

There are so many advantages of Fiverr. Here you will get to know some significant advantages. There are some following benefits which are very helpful.

1. Easy Access To Make An Account

Fiverr is the platform for you all to make your account easily by just putting your details & profile too.

2. Easy Gigs Putting

You can quickly put or insert your gigs in different niches to introduce yourself to the World as a Freelancer.

3. Business Growth

By introducing your esteemed organization, you can also grow your business with this perfect forum.

4. Spam Free

While on the other marketplace website, there is a chance to get spam messages or be fooled by anyone, Fiverr is the marketplace free from spam or any fraud.

5. Easy Two-Way Communication 

Fiverr is undoubtedly a platform where two parties ( seller & buyer) can easily communicate with each other without any difficulty.

6. Easy To Search Your Product Or Service

If you are a buyer & want to get in touch with the seller, you can easily find your desired product & service along with good sellers.

7. App Service

Fiverr is also giving an App service, so it becomes easy for you to find your desired product/services or any information with just one tap on your cell phone.

Other Benefits Of Fiverr

Here are some additional benefits of the use of Fiverr.

1. Money Maker Market Place 

You can also make your desired amount of money by giving services to the requirements of clients & customers from all over the World in the form of dollars.

2. Financial Freedom

Fiverr gives you financial freedom too. After earning, you can invest wherever you want. It is the best advantage of using Fiverr.

3. Passive Income

Suppose you do the job with starting salary of Rs 50,000. After ten years, you will earn a maximum of 2 to 3 lac, but in a freelance marketplace like Fiverr, you have the option to earn passive income means you can make as much as you put your efforts into a project or job.

4. Flexible Hours

You can also choose your flexible hours to do work on Fiverr. Indeed, it is the best advantage of using Fiverr.

5. Location Flexibility

You don’t need any specific place, office, or workplace for work. You can work from anywhere, even from your home too.

6. Profit

You can keep all the profit as Fiverr is the marketplace that doesn’t take any profit from a freelancer. However, you can share profit with yourself in freelancing.

7. Time For Family & Health

As you have the hours flexibility so you can manage the time for your health and family while working on Fiverr.


Altogether, there are so many benefits of this platform. However, the platform gives you countless benefits to earn money & make your identification in the World too.

Best Way To Quit Off 9-5 Jobs Hour

Suppose you can’t do jobs with a 9-5 daily routine, so freelancing is an excellent choice for you to enjoy working within your desired working hours & your selected positions. Therefore, freelancing is very easy for those 18 or older because they can appreciate & get all the projects & jobs. So, it is the best age to enjoy all the opportunities on this platform.

Social Media Platforms Of Fiverr

You can get in touch with Fiverr management to know more about the age policies & rules via their following social media platforms.


Age Restrictions 

Here are some essential points that you should consider before signing up.

  • You are at least 18 years old to understand the jobs & projects.
  • If you are above 60 + of age and your stamina permits you & if you have enough strength so you can still work on Fiverr.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Age Is Most Important For Fiverr Usage?

Age is the most important factor for any website because users of every age have to follow some precautions to use the sites. After all, kids are minors in the usage of any site. They don’t know how to use any website or how to access the website so it is restricted to use by kids.

2. Which Age Should Be The Best To Access Or Use Fiverr?

The best age to access or use Fiverr is the age of 18 years. On the contrary, At this age, everyone has a good level of maturity to understand the rules & regulations too.

3. Can Kids Under 13 years Of Age Use Fiverr?

No, kids under 13 years of age can’t use Fiverr obviously because they don’t know exactly about the rules & regulations regarding Fiverr.

4. What Are The Criteria For Users Who Are Between 13-18 Years Old?

Of course, They can use Fiverr with the permission of their parents & guardians obviously, along with the parent’s help.

5. Does Anyone Always Concern About  Age Before Using An Account On Fiverr?

Everyone should be concerned about this before operating the site or an account. Age matter a lot in operating the site.

6. What Are The Opportunities In The Field Of Jobs For Kids Between 13-18?

They can use Fiverr by simply applying for kids’ voice-over and photography too. However, it can also help them to start up their experience level.

7. What Are The Opportunities For The 18+ Years Of Age Users Of Fiverr?

They can enjoy all types of access and use Fiverr easily to introduce themselves to the world. Furthermore, they can start up their journey of freelancing & can get many opportunities on this biggest platform too.

8. What Are Some Categories Of Services In Which Kids Between 13-18 Years Of Age Can't Participate?

Modeling, Acting, Dance lessons, greeting cards & video. These are some services, that especially kids under 18 years of age don’t allow to participate in it while when they use Fiverr.

9. Which Content Does Fiverr Don't Allow For Kids?

It doesn’t allow minors about Sexual or harmful content as it may lead them to be a bad choice that is not good for them.

10. What Will Fiverr Do If Any Violation Is Created By Kids Regarding Age?

Moreover, Fiverr will take action on such things. So you must also follow all precautions to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


So overall the conclusion is that you should also follow rules & regulations on every website regarding age. Whereas some limitations must be followed to avoid any type of difficulty too. Minors’ policy is equal for all minors to follow. If you are between the age of 13-17 you will need the help of parents or guardians.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us without any hesitation. We are here to assist you.

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