How To Combine Products On Shopify?

Products on Shopify- There are several ways to combine products on Shopify. The first is to use the product kits feature and the other option is Product Variants. Using this kit, customers can purchase multiple products together. For instance, a kit may include shirts, pants, and shoes. 

How To Combine Product Variants In Shopify?

Product variants are an easy and efficient way to offer other options for your customers to choose from the configuration. However,  you may find that you are required to combine product variants in Shopify for various items. As a result, you can achieve your desired goal. For instance, you may have a shirt available in two colors and three sizes You can find more here. 

How To Combine Two Shopify Stores?

If you have two Shopify stores, you want to combine them for different reasons. For instance, you have a store for natural products and another for digital products. Further, You would like to unify the shopping experience for your customers so that you have a store for your product line and another for clearance items. That will make it easier for your customers to find an item in Shopify and it is also convenient for the customer.

Below are the steps to be followed:

  • You are required to export the product information from both stores. You have to navigate Settings > General in the admin configuration.
  • From this option, you can export data in a Comma Separated Values file. Once you have both commas Separated Values files, open them in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Combine the product information from both CSV files into one spreadsheet. After that, verify that each field in the spreadsheet matches up with the corresponding column in the other commonly separated file. For instance, if the Name column in one CSV file is in the same place as the Title column in another CSV file, make sure that the Name column is in the same position in the combined spreadsheet. Once everything is accurate, copy and paste the data from both CSV files into the spreadsheet.3: Now both product information is in one place, you can start configuring your combined store. The first thing is to create a new Shopify account.
  • Now, you can import combined spreadsheet information into this new account. To do this, scroll down to the Import section and select upload so you can upload your combined comma Separated Values file. After data import, set navigation and menus so that customer can easily find their desired look and feel.


You may need to consider two points to combine two Shopify stores, the first option is to export data from both stores into CSV files, and the second one is to combine the data into one spreadsheet, import the data into a new Shopify account, set up navigation, and menus, and launch the newly created combine store.

How To Duplicate Multiple Products On Shopify?

An online business entrepreneur’s goal is to focus on exploring ways to streamline the business process for a smooth run so they can boost their sail and market their product. One way is to duplicate products in your Shopify store which can be helpful if you have a product in multiple variations such as different sizes or colors. For instance, if a t-shirt is available in two different colors and sizes intention is to create a separate listing for each variation.

How To Separate Different Variants In Shopify?

In the Shopify store, there are only two ways to separate variants Variant Selectors and Product options.

How To Ship Multiple Packages Products On Shopify?

One way to ship multiple packages is to create a draft order under the process of the Shopify orders section and add the required product to this order. Mark the order as paid and give the customer details.

Another way is to use the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app will help you to handle the packaging process with weight-based packing. However  You may set the max. weight of a box whenever the product weight outpaces this max. weight. The next option box is auto-selected to calculate the rate on configured weight.


Multiple products can be shipped on Shopify in two ways. One way is by creating a draft order and the other technique is to use a Multi-Carrier shipping label.

How Do Sets And Kits Products On Shopify Work?

If you have a lot of products in your Shopify store, you can make a group of your products and create various selling opportunities. Conceivably you want to offer discounts on definite products. On the other hand, you would like to group two or three products into one set.

There are many benefits for different grouping products into sets, bundles, and kits.

Distinctions Between Product Sets, Bundles, And Kits

They are all accordant terms to reach the same thing.

Product Sets This term for apply to similar products. For example, a cutlery set.
Bundles Bundles have to apply product features to complete the look which allows customers to purchase multiple products in one pack. For example, placements, table cloth, and candle holders.
Kits The benefit of product sets is to create a good fortune by selling more products in a single transaction. It allows you to increase your Average Order Value or AOV means you can spend more to achieve a customer.


Manually Grouping Two Or More Products Into One “Set” Product

Shopify store has options to add two or more products of your choice. A more convenient way to do this is by adding your combined product set into your Shopify store as one product and assigning it a unique SKU. Afterwards, this unique SKU will tell you about a product that is not singular but a set of multiple products.


If you would like to manage inventory then you will need an inventory App to do so. That will allow you to set a rule that you may sell a single SKU or the new set, which lesser the inventory count. This approach compensates you for overselling.

Use Variations On A Product On Shopify

Another technique used by entrepreneurs is to use the inbuilt variants. Shopify offers to generate Product Bundles. Shopify can choose a demanding set option using variants. For instance, you may have a Standard Knife set you can add a variant type called a set. This configuration should be Spoon Set Only for the first variant.

The second variant might be the Spoon + Fork Set. A finishing variant should be a Full Cutlery Set: + Forks+ Spoons Set. You acquire to assign a diffident image to a single variant as well, so the price and inventory level See below tables for more details about variant type.

First Variant Spoon set only
Second Variant Spoon Set along with Fork Set
Finishing Variant Full Cutlery Set along with Fork and Spoon

Use An App To Bundle Your Other Products On Shopify

Apps are the most powerful, trouble-free, and highest ROI method to instantly reach your products.

Combine your products on the product page below the original. Pressing the Cart button is a great way to upsell a bundle. For instance, if you have a set of golf balls. For example, you should also regard this with a golf tee product. Both are related to each other because both are similar to golf. You need golf balls to put on a t-shirt! You can do this by displaying product bundles directly on the product page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bundle products in Shopify?

On the Shopify admin screen, navigate to Apps and click Shopify Fulfillment Network. Hereafter, you have to select the Inventory tab. Click the product that you would like to set up as a bundle. From the product screen, click More actions, and then click Create bundle.

How do I combine two variants in Shopify?

How do I combine two variants in Shopify? On the Add, a product screen, select Create a new product. Specify the product name, description, and other details as well. So, you have to select the Inventory tab. After that, add a variant and enter the name of the first variant (e.g., Green) against the Variant field so you can add a variant. After that, enter the Variant price and mention compare price (if required).
Secondly, select the Variant weight (if required) and click Add variant. Repeat this process for each variant that you would like to add.

How do I put everything on one page in Shopify?

The answer to this question is yes. Shopify has a single-page checkout option. There is a feature that makes Shopify so popular is its single-page checkout.

Can you add multiple products at once Shopify?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple products to Shopify. By adding them one at a time or by importing a CSV file.

How do you bundle products together?

There is a variety of different bundling methods Pure bundles.
1) product bundles
2) Mix-and-match bundles.

Can 2 items be a bundle?

Bundled products will help to boost your order value and average sales. Also, promote hot products together. For instance, create a bundle with two products and offer some discount like 5% for both if bought together.

How do I put two products on one page in Shopify?

If you are working on a built-in Product Page template, you may add multiple products to a page by clicking the ‘Add product’ button from the ‘Products’ tab in the Shopify store.
From there, you can add the product on one page. If you are working on a built-in Product Page template, you may add multiple products to a page by clicking the ‘Add product’ button from the ‘Products’ tab in the Shopify store. To do so, you can add the product on one page.

How do I create a bundle on Shopify without an app?

  1. First, you add a new product to the Shopify store.
  2. By adding a variant of that product that you want to include in the bundle.
  3. Make a new group of products which is called  “Bundles”.

What does variant mean on Shopify?

A product that is offered in more than one option, such as size or color, might have variants added to it. For instance, let’s say that you sell T-shirts that come in two variations: size and color. There are three sizes available: small, medium, and large. There are two additional choices for the color: red and black. For instance, a larger size green T-shirt might be one particular variation.

How many items can be in a collection on Shopify?

You may add up to 50 products per collection. However, there is no limit to the number of products overall Shopify store. May You have the Advanced Collection app to be able to restrict limits? In this application, you’ll be able to set your collection conditions.


The product variety is a great and convenient way to offer different options for your Customers to choose from the configuration. However, to combine product variants in Shopify, create a new product. Select Create a new product. from the product setup screen then enter the product name, description, and other required attributes. After that, select the Inventory tab and click Add variant. Product bundles are promoting tools when it comes to raising the average order value in-store. Most businesspeople realize that product bundling is now the new upsell standard in e-commerce especially because it’s a benefit for both customers and merchants. In conclusion, Customers enjoy a complete shopping experience and marginal pricing while merchants sell more products and increase their revenue. As a result, they can advertise their product more appropriately.

I hope after reading my article about the technique of Combine Product Variant, you will be able to set up combined products without any hurdles. I will appreciate it if you have any queries. then you can get in touch with us or leave a comment below if you have any questions or worries about this. We will help you soon for sure. 

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