How much does it cost to build a landing page?

How much does it cost to build a landing page? Generally, the cost to build a landing page may range from $75 to $3000 depending on a number of factors, including the designer you select.

Cost To Build A Landing Page

While agency prices can run from $1400 to $3200, freelance landing page designs can cost anywhere between $100 and $2000 per project. But the expenditure is well worthwhile.

What Is The Price Of Building PPC Landing Pages That Work?

However, a PPC landing page can cost a business anywhere from $75 to as much as $3000 to design. Thus, the cost of the top PPC landing pages is typically higher, closer to $3000. But other variables affect PPC landing page pricing. Thus it’s important to examine these variables thoroughly.

Let’s examine these elements in greater detail:

One PPC Landing Page Costs

1. Creator Of Your Landing Page

It would help if you decided on the person who will develop your landing page when you are ready. However, you have a lot of choices, including:

Internal Author

Generally, you could always design your landing pages internally. Further, you or a department member will make the landing pages for your PPC ads.

Thus, there are several costs associated with this. Furthermore, you may also be required to pay for the software used to create the landing pages in addition to the expense of paying internal employees. It’s critical to consider these two factors when deciding on the individual you want to create your landing pages.

Moreover, paying for landing pages with a well-known landing page creator, such as Unbounce, can range from $90 to $575 per month. You will pay this amount and hire people to build your landing pages.


Working with independent contractors is another option. These people have design skills and can help you create PPC landing pages. Either by project or per hour, freelancers are compensated.

In fact, the typical fee for a freelancer’s work is between $100 and $2000, but a decent landing page should cost at least $300. You can expect to pay this amount each time you require a landing page created.

Surprisingly, having to get in touch with freelancers every time you want to add new pages or tweak a feature of your landing pages is the main drawback of utilizing them. You must continually check the pages for them to yield the best outcomes. 

Because some freelancers have limited resources, you must ensure they can effectively execute your landing page designs.

Landing Page For PPC Company

Working with a PPC agency with knowledge of landing page design is the final option. When you hire a landing page design company to help you create and maintain your landing pages, a team of pros will be at your disposal.

When working with a landing page design company, you have access to many resources and experts. But there is a cost to everything. Landing page services could cost between $1400 and $3200, depending on the number and depth of landing pages needed.

2. Your Landing Pages’ Depth

However, the investment is warranted when working with a renowned company like WebFX. If you have a team of professionals working on your campaigns, someone will always monitor your landing page’s performance. Finally, they may also assist you in optimizing your landing pages for increased effectiveness.

Landing Page Simplicity

The easier your landing pages are to use, the cheaper they will be. Simple landing pages can be easy and have labor-intensive features to integrate.

They frequently have simplistic designs, conversion tracking codes, and basic features like responsive design.

If you hire a digital marketing company, you should set aside roughly $1400 for a simple landing page design.

Intricate Landing Pages

You might anticipate paying more if your landing pages need more features and sophisticated aesthetics. Therefore, features like films or moving The type of landing pages you create will greatly impact the price point. It would help if you decided how much functionality and information your landing page needs.

Moreover, the creation of graphics requires time. When deciding on a budget for your PPC landing pages, you must consider this.

3. Packages For Complicated Landing Pages

Packages for complicated landing pages frequently include copywriting, special features like thank you/confirmation pages, landing page designs, landing page programming, and strategies for applying unique selling points. With these additional features, your landing pages will produce better results.

Therefore, if you hire freelancers to create your landing pages, these features will cost more. However, if you work with a landing page design business, your service plan can include some of these capabilities.

For complex landing page designs, you should budget between $2500 and $3200 to hire a digital marketing agency.

4. Individual Landing Pages

An important factor is how customizable your page is. You can choose to employ a template or hire a designer to create something original when creating the landing pages for your campaign.

Whereas, the cost of templates is frequently low, and some are even free. Most independent contractors and internal marketers use templates since they are convenient and efficient.

But a customized landing page will assist you in making your campaign more effective. It will let you create a unique landing page and aims to boost conversions.

Therefore, a customized landing page could incur extra costs because it requires the integration of unique and extra functionality.

5. How Many PPC Advertisements Do You Run

Many businesses run many PPC campaigns. In PPC adverts, you could showcase numerous products or services.

PPC advertising must maintain its laser-like concentration to produce the best results for your company. We should highlight only one product on your landing page if it yields the best results.

It’s best to keep each advertisement to one product or service, which calls for several campaigns.

In any case, the cost of your campaign will rise if you run several PPC ads. You must allocate more money from your budget if you want to REC a lot of clicks on your PPC advertisements. Additionally, if you hire someone to manage your PPC campaign, you may incur additional costs.

6. Various Packages For Landing Pages

How much does it cost to build a landing page? The cost to build a landing pages if you work with a digital marketing agency will depend on the strategy you select. However, this affects how much it will cost to conduct your PPC campaign.

Thanks to the inclusion of personalized pricing in our plans, you can select the PPC landing page plan that best suits your company, financial situation, and objectives.

In addition, different bundles will be available from each PPC firm. Some might provide more affordable, smaller packages with fewer amenities, while others offer more expensive, larger bundles.

The cost of a PPC campaign is not regulated. Thus it can differ across businesses and freelancers.


Landing pages are one-page websites with specific marketing objectives, such as promoting a product or enticing people to sign up for your newsletter. They serve as online flyers or business cards for you or your business.

Online Page Builders

Today, anyone may use a wide range of website builders to make landing pages for a relatively little cost. Highly skilled programmers created these web platforms to assist non-web designers in independently creating relatively straightforward websites and landing pages.

Additionally, you may develop any websites and landing pages with online landing page builders. You must make the best decision possible because some of them are made to develop landing pages and others to build websites.


Cheapest method for building a landing page Details
Wix 30+ free landing page templates meant to increase conversion rates are available
Squarespace Excellent if you want to create a landing page that is visually appealing
SITE123 A quick, easy, and cost-free approach to create a landing page| 


Benefits of Landing Page Builders

Different benefits of landing page builders are as follows:

  1. Most website builders offer a 7 to 30-day trial period so that you can evaluate their abilities while creating your website.
  2. There is a huge selection of pre-made layouts in the library of online designers. Please select the one you prefer and modify it for your business.
  3. Web builders available online are useful. Thus, they also assist in creating advertising and customer communication tools and can be used to produce an adapted version of a landing page. However, landing pages typically aren’t mobile-friendly.
  4. Some website builders can create multiple landing pages that may be modified and tailored to the visitors’ needs by displaying more pertinent content.

How Much Does Using A Landing Page Builder To Create A Website Cost?

The monthly cost of creating a landing page with internet site builders might range from $2 to $250. Therefore, depending on their chosen tariff, the user is presented with various functionalities that can enhance one or more elements of the future landing page.

Please remember you get what you can pay for when using website builders. Therefore, be ready to invest a little more if you want a high-quality landing page.

Purchasing pre-made landing pages using templates:

The simplest choice is to purchase a pre-made landing page. The least amount of work is required here; modify the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), the content, and a portion of the page design if you need something else. This method is straightforward and comes with several indisputable benefits:

  • There is significant time and effort saved here. So, there is no need to find a developer. It is sufficient to pick a template you like, make the fewest alterations possible, run an advertisement, and draw the first site visitors to the landing page.
  • This alternative is significantly less expensive than ordering the landing page’s creation from scratch. Although there are design possibilities, templates often cost between $10 and $20; nonetheless, they can cost up to $50.
  • There are several templates available online. May find many pre-made templates on well-known websites like template monster and You can download your preferred templates from those websites and base your Landing Page creation on them.

Drawbacks Of Web Builders Landing Pages

Different drawbacks of web builders’ landing pages are as follows:

  1. You will need to purchase a paid tariff once the service’s trial period has ended.
  2. It costs more money the more features it has. However, the monthly fees, which occasionally can be expensive.
  3. Unfortunately, even after purchasing the complete version, there is no guarantee that you will have the required features.
  4. The lack of originality in these website builders is another significant drawback. We are widely use the templates created by these constructors and hence unsuitable for enterprises run by professionals.
  5. Furthermore, we ignore non-unique websites or landing pages by Search Engines by design.

Difference Between Home Page And Landing Page:

Home Page Landing Page
Landing page navigation is absent| Homepages are|
Ads drive traffic to landing pages There are numerous sources of website traffic
Landing pages exist independently of a company’s website The homepage is the primary page on a company’s website|



Because they are narrowly focused, landing pages are extremely effective for marketing. Landing pages are tailored to a particular campaign or offer and direct users toward a single call to action instead of homepages and websites made for exploration. In other words, conversion is a consideration when creating landing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some frequently asked questions related to the topic ” How much does it cost to build a landing page “ are as follows:

1. How Long Does It Typically Take To Create A Landing Page?

(35+ hours) Landing Page

Its purpose is to sell or promote a good or service, and it should compel users to act. Discovery, content creation, and reviews move along faster than usual. Site design is anticipated to take between 15 and 80 hours.

2. Can A Landing Page Be Made Without Cost?

The cost of building a landing page is shown in the following image.

You don’t need designers or IT assistance to create expert landing pages with HubSpot’s free landing page builder that draws in more visitors and turns them into qualified business leads.

3. What Is The Most Affordable Method For Building Landing Pages?

Supplier of mailing lists. If you use an email marketing service like Mailerlite, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or another comparable one, they frequently come with the option to develop landing pages.

Delivery of digital goods services.

Social networking landing pages that are hosted.

4. Can I Create A Landing Page On My Own?

Click Create New under Landing Pages & Forms to get started. Please choose one of the more than 50 base templates, then edit it with your copy and graphics.

5. What Should I Demand Creating A Landing Page?

The cost of a landing page from a web agency can range from $150 to $3,000 based on its complexity, development time, and intended use.

6. What Is The Price Of Hiring Someone To Create A Website?

An experienced freelancer might bill $20 to $80 per hour. However, a small business website might cost between $1,500 and $5,000.

7. Do GoDaddy’s Landing Pages Exist?

Simple landing page templates are available on GoDaddy and other websites. Start a campaign with these landing page suggestions to boost leads and sales.

8. Can Landing Pages Replace A Website?

It’s a nice question with a straightforward response. We can use a landing page to build a straightforward website. But, likely, you will need more time to achieve your goals. Remember that landing pages and websites have various objectives, target audiences, and purposes. 

9. Can You Use A Landing Page By Itself?

Individuals ” land on a landing page when they click through from an email, advertisement, or other digital location. We should include landing pages in every content strategy to increase conversions and traffic.

10. Can I Create Landing Pages On My Phone?

When you’re on the go, easily design a landing page using your mobile device. With a mobile landing page, you can update your audience, take payments, or expand your reach. In this article, you’ll discover how to establish a landing page on your mobile device.


How much does it cost to build a landing page? Your budget, objectives, available resources, and preferences for the terms of development have a direct impact on the cost of the landing page. If you need landing pages for long-term sales, it is advisable to hire their production from a web studio or a reputable freelancer.

If you have little experience but want to create a landing page, start in test mode to see how things work before you engage. To do this, use site builders or free templates. Once you’ve had enough experience and time, you can upgrade to a premium subscription and develop your online presence.

You can get in touch with us or leave a comment below if you have any queries or worries about this. We will undoubtedly help you shortly.


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