Digital Marketing VS UX Design

Digital Marketing VS UX Design: Sometimes, they correspond with each other. Digital Marketing and UX Design professionals usually work in the same team unit and department. However, they deal with branding and advertising the product. Despite their similarities, however, digital marketing and UX design are two different ways to deal with independent aspects of marketing. After all, you may continue reading to discover more career opportunities.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the way of marketing that uses the internet and online stations such as computers and mobile phones. And a non-internet platform that provides digital media such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), calls back and hold mobile ringtones, and other digital mediums to promote products. This product commonly targets a particular group according to their needs, and those specific needs appreciate by studying analytics plus trial and error. Further, digital marketing is the future of any business, and without marketing, the business product will be difficult.

The goal of the digital marketer is not only to make a product fascinating but to find and target the appropriate audience for the product.

What Is UX Design?

Ux design is a process in which the design team creates a pilot project that gives an idea to users with user-friendly and applicable experiences. Further, UX design includes the design of the entire process of completing and integrating the product, with aspects of branding, designing, handling, and functions. Whether designing is an experience that isn’t making the software easy to use, it is also convenient for other designing experiences related to products.

For instance, the marketing campaign and the after-sales support, most important is that UX design is concerned with delivering solutions that fulfill all needs. After that, No one will be interested use a product that serves no purpose.

What Are The Main Differences Between Digital Marketing And Ux Design?

The main differences between digital marketing and UX design are below:

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing circulates revenue generation. The company’s well-being is at its core. However, most fields require analytical, business-oriented skills.
UX Design UX design circulates the customer and their feelings. It gives the customer the best possible experience to make them want to come back. UX demands design knowledge, as well as soft skills like empathy.

What Are The Skills Required For Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has several branches. Some of them are focused on creativity, analytics-driven, and others require the expertise of coding on specific platforms like Google AdWords. However, you will need more and more skills depending on the part you pursue.

  • Analytics: However, digital marketers may have an analytical mindset which is the most required attribute. As a marketer, a few key performance indicators (KPIs) should meet. You must know how to read and understand data and information to resolve. 
  • Creativity: As a digital marketer, your brand must highlight from the competition. It will be possible through beautiful website design or fascinating emails and subject lines. In the same manner, you should need to be creative to take consumers’ attention. 
  • Curiosity: Digital marketers should be pessimistic and curious. However, apart from business owners and professional marketers, it affects nearly all of the general public. Curiosity marketing is an approach for entrepreneurs and marketers to frame the general public to prepare more about their products and services and turn curious minds into potential customers. Curiosity is a psychological tool that helps fake relationships with customers.
  • Solution-Oriented:  Digital Marketers must be capable to solved problems. In addition to continuing with advanced technologies. However, the several parts of digital market and print marketing are the ability to access whenever you need. Digital marketers should stay calm, pressured, and always ready with another plan.


Digital Marketing: Fields, Skills, and Salary Ranges

Generally, these are the most common digital marketing fields and what skills are required to land a job in digital marketing. Therefore we looked at the salaries for those skills, and also gives the idea of the average pay.



Salary Ranges

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 
SEO is the course of getting development to your site from the search results on search engines like Google. Generally, the most common channels related to SEO include:

• Landing Pages

• Blogs
You must know coding languages such as HTML and CSS, best practices across search engines, the ability to read and clarify data, expertise in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and awareness of search engine trends. As a result, you can understand and develop UI products. $30,000 – $85,000, with a median salary of $45,000.
Content Marketing: 

Content marketing is creating informative content that people actively explore and make informed buying decisions. Generally, common channels include:

• Websites

• Blogs

• Webinars

• Podcasts

Strong editorial skills, project management, knowledge of SEO best practices, and knowledge of social media $40,000 – $90,000, with a median salary of $65,000.
Social Media Marketing: 
Social media marketing associates promote your brand over your company’s social media channels to help brand awareness and generate traffic. Often, consultant marketing falls under the authority of a social media marketing manager. Channels include:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Snapchat
Strong editorial skills, creativity, expertise in all social channels, experience in public relations, further know-how of Photoshop or other photo editing software, like social media programming software, and knowledge of social media trends. 30,000 – $80,000, with a median salary of $45,000.
Paid Marketing: 
Paid marketing works with a publisher such as Google AdWords to advertise content and pay each time an ad is clicked. Outlets include:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Google

• Display ads
Excellent analytical skills and expertise in Google AdWords, ability to interpret and report on campaigns, furthermore, expertise in keyword research, and keyword trends. PPC managers make between $30,000 and $60,000, with a median salary of $45,000.

Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is a branch of marketing where you pay someone, such as a media site pay, and commission for advertising your product on their channels. The main tracks include:

• YouTube

• Social media platforms

• Newsletters

You must have strong communication skills, interpretive and multitasking skills, and the capability to manage budgets and costs. $35,000 – $70,000, with a median salary of $50,000.
Email Marketing: 

Email marketing is a branch of marketing in which brands communicate with their customers and instruct them on promotions, events, and company news. There are different types of emails, but the most popular email marketing includes:
• Promotional emails

• New members and email series

• Trigger emails

You must have experience in email marketing and tracking programs, an understanding of HTML, data analysis and interpretation, expertise in attention to detail, and editorial skills. However, you are not required to expert in data analysis. $30,000 and $75,000, with a median salary of $45,000.


What Are The Skills Required For UX Design?

UX design is about soft skills, such as understanding and reading people. Later, Conor Ward composed the term “UX unicorn” to pretend someone with a broad range of UX skills that have been peaked through years of experience, from visual design to coding. If you’re starting in UX, you’re certainly not expected to be an expert in all of the skills, but you are expected to demonstrate a few:

  • Affinity: If you build a product or website, you should know who will be using these products or websites. Who is your target market, and what inspires them? And Why are they using your product?
  • Design: Consumer behavior may be at the basis of UX, and design is how it illustrates this. Even if you are a UX researcher and analyst, architect, project manager, or hold another role, you must be comfortable with basic design fundamentals and terms.
  • Curiosity: Technology is constantly developing, and the design world needs to balance. However, UX teams need to stay side by side with trends. Further, subscribe to a blog, bookmark a few sites, and read at least one new post daily.
  • Hard Shell: Always ready for UX design teams for feedback and review at the end of the day. If you may get closer to a project, that can be hard, but you should always be ready for suggestions, and in the same manner, you should never take them personally.

UX Design: Fields, Skills, And Salary Ranges

There are two primary UX fields UX research and UX design. We have listed the performance of each individual, along with what you can expect in terms of salaries. Further, we have recognized the priority and impact of UX in digital marketing. And how to enhance the visuality and expertise of the user. After that, how to boost the conversion rate to the brand’s websites or mobile apps by implementing those two components in our digital marketing strategies are as follows:




Salaries Ranges

UX Researcher: 
UX designers must know the target market. To create a product and prototype that is easy and intuitive to use. However, the job of the UX researcher is the consumer’s wants. What motivates them, and what turns them off? Overall, the UX researcher strategy is a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, along with surveys and interviews, to better understand the target market.
You must have good communication skills, an analytical mindset, a detailed understanding of UX design, experience conducting user research sessions, the know-how of qualitative and working knowledge of quantitative analysis and statistics, critical thinking, and also problem-solving skills. $55,000 – $125,000, with a median salary of $80,000.
UX Designer: UX designers are responsible for building and designing consumers’ expertise with a product or website. From time to time, they catch the UX researcher’s customer vision and intention and turn them into actionable, consumer-centric results that echo with the audience. Understand and dissecting of consumer research, creativity, proficiency with wireframing and UX writing, visual communication, some coding, and expertise in key design elements and programs. $50,000 and $100,000, with a median salary of $75,000.

Digital Marketing Or UX DESIGN: Which Should You Pursue?

I hope the above article helped provide all-inclusive ideas about digital marketing and UX design. However, both are on the higher trend and are on secure career opportunities. Digital marketing places a greater affinity on analytical and business talent, with increasing sales through customer conversion. UX is more centered on design, a spotlight on creating the best possible experience, whether it improves the profit or not. However, there is greater demand for UX designing than digital marketing. While job demand is higher in UX, you may find it easier to break into digital marketing. Even if you are applying for UX jobs, you will be able to give a portfolio and showcase your work, which must need demonstrable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is UX Design Part Of Digital Marketing?

UX is creating a brand’s digital presence as a part of digital marketing. However, It targets what a customer wants and makes an interactive space that can help to conversions for the entrepreneur. Such as experience testing user feedback to create better interfaces.

2. Is UX Design Like Marketing?

UX design and marketing are about making a product fascinate the customer or user as possible. Such as marketers aim to create products desirable to customers, so they’ll spend money to buy the product. The designer’s goal is to make products fascinating, so they’ll have a great experience using them.

3. What Is Better Than UX Design?

The UX designer plans the journey, and the UI designer targets all the details that make this journey successful. However, This is not to say that UI design is all about looks. UI designers have a great impression of whether or not a product is reachable and inclusive.

4. Do UX Designers Have Future?

UX Designers may work in their job for the next years. However, Simple use cases will be done by the innovation manager or product manager on their own. For complex solutions, UX designers are a must-have, also for the next 10 to 15 years. But there will be a target on different areas which will increase.

5. Will UX Designers Be Replaced?

Maybe not, Lower-budget jobs might be more and more computerized in the future because companies with limited resources won’t be able to hire the best UX designers and UX design agencies. But the standard in user experience will likely be achieved by human beings in the foreseeable future. So good news!

6. UX Design Worth It 2022?

Yes, UX and UI design is the future of a designer. While it is said that the UX Designer’s involvement at all phases of a project’s life cycle, UX Designers’ jobs are one of the most demanding in the market. After all, most recruiters encourage UX Designers to be a top priority for the organization.

7. Can I Become A UX Designer In 3 Months?

It depends on you generally, it takes time approximately one to five years to become a UX designer, but it can take three months as well.

8. Is UX Design Highly Paid?

Those employees who work as UX UI Designer can earn an average of $ 190000, mostly ranging from 100000 $ per year. Later a report published in the USA says that the average salary of a UX employee per year is $ 120000 per year.

9. Does UX Design Require Coding?

I would say no. In reality, most UX Designers are commonly not required to have programming skills at the beginner level. However, it becomes prominent in the eyes of recruiters if, ideally, the candidate has developed skills.` Afterward, it also enhances designer skills to understand the says and the approach to what Developers do.

10. Define Four Types Of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be categorized as follows:

  1. Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Pay-per-Click.
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Content Marketing.


The difference between UX/UI design and digital marketing are that a digital marketer’s main aim is to market a product supreme for the customers through a digital medium. Conversely, a UX/UI designer makes the product use and function in a way that provides a positive overall user experience based on the outcome of digital marketing. Above all, I have explained about priority and impact of UX in digital marketing. Further, I also described how to enhance the visuality and expertise of the user. This article also explained how to boost the conversion rate to the brand’s websites or mobile apps by implementing those two components in our digital marketing strategies. Click here if you want to read more about this topic widely. Let me know your thought about this topic.

I hope after reading my article about Digital Marketing VS UX Design, you will be able to understand in detail about both fields without any hurdles. I will appreciate it if you have any queries. then you can get in touch with us or leave a comment below if you have any questions or worries about this. We will help you soon for sure. 

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