How To Become A Freelance Interior Designer?

How to become a freelance interior designer? Get a degree, do an internship, make a portfolio, learn marketing skills, and apply for jobs

In today’s progressing World, where technology is getting more advanced with each passing day, everything has become online. You must have listened to many people who have left their full-time office jobs, entered the World of freelancing, and are now earning double the amount of income as compared to before. It has made many people curious about freelancing. Oh, you are one of those? And want to become boss of yourself? Then this article is for you!

What Is A Freelance Interior Designer?

Before discussing what are freelance interior designers? How to become a freelance interior designer? Let’s first get to know what freelancing itself is.

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is doing any work that does not demand full-type employment. Freelancers are also known as self-employed people. They take on different projects from various clients and get paid for their work. Some distinct features make freelancing better than other full-time jobs.

  • Unlike office jobs, freelancers can work from any part of the universe.
  • There is no age limit to start freelancing. Thus, it’s favourable, especially for students studying but still earning money without a degree.
  • There is no limit to earning. 

These points make freelancing an advanced way to earn money.

Freelance Interior Designing

In freelance interior designing, interior designers get online projects through different clients. That’s why they are called freelance interior designers. Once the project finishes, they get paid by their clients for their work. They work as an independently person. As freelance interior designers, they decorate and furnish their client’s homes or offices according to their client’s tastes and requirements.

Pros And Cons Of Freelance Interior Designing

Pros Cons
The investment of money that is needed to start freelancing is not high. The beginning might be difficult. It becomes challenging to get high-paying clients at an initial stage.
You can choose clients of your choice. You may have to face scams.
Freelancing is a remote job.  Many freelancing websites deduct 20% of your total income.


How To Become A Freelance Interior Designer?

You must be wondering about what is the step-by-step method that can help you to become a freelance interior designer. Here is the step-by-step answer to it.

1-Getting a bachelor’s degree

2-Doing Internship

3-Make your Portfolio

4-Learn Marketing Skills

5-Apply for Freelance Interior Designer jobs

1-Getting A Bachelors Degree

For starting your career as a freelance interior designer, there is no obligation to any degree. Although, a degree in interior design can help you to enhance your credibility and makes you look more professional. If you are the one who is serious about making a career as a freelance interior designer, then this is the best way to initiate your business. Furthermore,  To start any career first step is to get complete knowledge of it. Having a degree is the best way to explore and learn new things.

If you can not get a degree in interior design, then the best substitute for this is to have a short course. Also, It can be through physical or online classes both. You can also go for diplomas in interior design. It can help you to learn all basics required in a short duration of time.


  • It can increase your knowledge.
  • It can help you understand colour schemes, new and better decoration ideas, furnishing, and the structural components required in commercial and residential buildings.
  • It can make people trust you more.


2-Doing Internship

The next step for becoming a freelance interior designer is doing an internship. In fact, After gaining knowledge second step is to learn to implement it to have a better understanding. The best way to understand it is by working with an experienced professional. And, It is what is called an internship. It is paid or non-paid. But the purpose of it is to improve your skills that can ultimately help you to succeed in your business. In the end, it is the quality of work that matters in any career.

In the case of self-employed interior designers, the importance of an internship gets doubled because interior designing includes all practical work. As interior designing is about line, colour, pattern, and texture, the key to making the interior look aesthetic is to keep the balance between these elements. It can be learned by experience.

After getting a degree in interior design or programs related to it, you have to work with professional interior designers who are already successful in their fields. All you have to do is to analyze their working method and practically implement all the knowledge you have gained through a degree.


  • It can help you explore more ideas and will give you a sense of confidence.
  • You can learn about the market price, develop market strategies to target more clients and create invoices.
  • It increases your experience. 
  • You can learn the art of dealing with people. 


3-Make Your Portfolio

Making a portfolio for freelance interior designing is an important step. It is just like showcasing your talent. Nobody is going to hire someone without seeing their quality of work. You have to sum up all your experience in your portfolio. Just add the photos of the interior design of the house or office done by you. Moreover, remember to upgrade your portfolio with time as your experience increases. Always ensure to showcase your current skill level.


  • This is a great way to show your capabilities.
  • It can help you look more professional.
  • It can help clients to see if the following is the type of work they require.


4-Learn Marketing Skills

As a freelance interior designer, learning marketing skills is crucial. Developing marketing skills can help you grow your interior designer career. It is part of your business and the best way to connect with clients. Marketing skills include giving awareness about your service, content creation, communication, analytical abilities, and much more. In addition, it can help you to convert consumers into your clients by addressing their problems and providing them with a solution. Also, It is a kind of promotion for the service you provide.


  • It can help the clients in making a decision.
  • It can help you to maintain demand, reputation, and competition.
  • It can grow your business more rapidly.

5-Apply For Freelance Interior Designer Jobs 

After making your portfolio and learning marketing skills, the final step is sending job proposals as a freelance interior designer. In actuality, finding a job as a freelance interior designer is way easier than finding a full-time office job. Let me explain to you that many companies cannot estimate when they’ll need interior designers. So, they don’t offer full-time jobs to interior designers. They prefer freelance interior designers whenever they need them. There is no regular need for interior designers. Therefore, freelancing is an excellent way for interior designers to make their careers.

Freelancing Platforms

Here are the freelancing platforms where you can apply as a freelance interior designer.


Upwork is one of the top freelancing platforms. You must make your account on Upwork and mention the skill you offer. There are hundreds of jobs posted on Upwork daily you have to find interior design jobs and ought to send job proposals to the relevant clients. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best platforms connecting freelancers and employers. Here the point to be noted is that they deduct 20% earnings of freelancers as their bonus. 



When talking about top freelancing platforms, Fiverr is the one that must be counted. On Fiverr, you have to create a Gig. First, you must sign up that’s free, then set up your Gig. After that, you’ll be ready to provide your services to the World. As well as that, the clients pay in advance, and when the order gets 100% completed, freelancers get 80%, and Fiverr keeps 20% as its commission. is also a top freelancing website. Here you can easily provide your services as a freelance interior designer. All you need is to create your profile and mention your service. Unlike Upwork, you don’t have to send proposals. Rather the relevant clients will find you themselves. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best websites for finding freelance interior designing jobs.



Freelancer is again a great platform where you can provide people with your services as an interior designer. Like the rest here, you also have first to create your profile. After creating your account, you have to select a category and a project relevant to your skill. Then you bid, get hired, work, and get paid.


Job Duties Of A Freelance Interior Designer

Like all other jobs, there are also some responsibilities in freelance interior designer jobs. However, there is a list of duties you must perform as a freelance interior designer. Here are the following job duties of the freelance interior designer.

  •  Finding clients by sending online job proposals or through advertisements.
  • To understand what is the taste and requirements of the clients. Also, work in accord with it.
  • Furthermore, to share your ideas or show your recent work.
  • Consulting with the clients about layout and indulging of furniture and decoration pieces.
  • Providing clients with an estimated cost of the things like decoration pieces, furniture, etc.
  • For blueprints using computer-aided designs. 
  • Taking payment after completion of the project.
  • Arranging or coordinating with people relevant to the project.
  • Suggesting designing ideas to make the space look more aesthetic. 

Future As A Self Employed Interior Designer

When thinking about opting for a career as a freelance interior designer, you must be curious about the future you’ll ultimately have by opting for it.

Well, the future as a freelance interior designer depends upon your goals and achievements. The lifestyle of people is evolving, and the scope of interior designing is increasing with each passing day. Once you started earning from different social media platforms. The next step you can take is to build your own company or firm. Gathering a team of professional interior designers and taking big projects online can boost your career.

Freelance Interior Designer Salary

As a freelance interior designer, your salary depends on many factors. You can be paid on an hourly basis or per project basis. Furthermore, it also depends on your experience, skill, and deadline provided by clients. Salary as a freelance interior designer might be low initially, but with each passing day, when your experience increases, you can also upgrade your salary package. In addition, it also depends on the time you are investing in it. But the average salary package in different countries is mentioned below:

Countries Salary Package
USA $65,714 (per year)
$33.70 (per hour)
Uk ₤45,014 (per year)
India ₹1 Lakhs to ₹8.5 Lakhs
UAE AED 6,000 (per 


Services Provided By A Freelance Interior Designer

  • Room Designing
  • Wallpaper and Wall Paints
  • Lighting
  • Modular Wardrobes
  • Modular Cupboards
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Decor and Furnishing

Ways To Avoid Scams

When we talk about freelance interior designing, there is an utter need to mention it. It can help you to avoid scams. As the online market is full of scammers thus, it is also necessary to become beware of them. So, Here are a few tips that can help you to avoid scams.

1-Never Pay To Get Hired

The biggest scam freelancers have to face is asking for project registration fees. Scammers, as clients, demand registration fees and say they will hire you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay. You are here to get paid by the clients for the work you’ll do for them. Thus, if any person demands money from you, then become alert. Do not pay and don’t even work with them. Also, It is their way to scam people, especially beginners.

2- Read Reviews About The Clients

There are many freelancing websites like Upwork where clients and freelancers both have to give reviews about each other after the project. So, Before making any contract, read the reviews and stars other people have given to the client you will work with. It can also help you a lot to avoid scams.

3-Work On Professional Platforms

Try to use professional freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Using these platforms can keep you away from scammers. Moreover, never agree if the client wants you to work on any unsafe platform. Ask your clients to reach you only through professional freelancing sites.

4-Never Give Access To Your Work Account

It is also one of the most common types of scams. Usually, a fellow freelancer contacts you and claims to help you earn more money. For this purpose, they ask for your already present Upwork or Fiverr account access. Once you give them access to your account, they’ll use it for illegal work. Thus, don’t respond to these types of offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-Is Freelance Interior Design A Good Career?

As compared to other professions, interior designing has more potential to grow. It has many advantages over the other professions as there is not much initial investment of money needed. Thus, freelance interior designing is a good profession. As well as that, it can help you to earn a considerable amount of money.

2-Are Freelance Or Self-Employed Interior Designers Successful?

Indeed, interior designing is a very successful career. If you’re passionate and enjoy your work, no one can stop you from becoming successful. You might be shocked but believe me. You can become more successful as a freelance interior designer. It is because no company needs an interior designer throughout the year. Thus, many companies prefer freelance interior designers whenever they need them. Therefore, there is more room for success in freelancing for interior designers.

3-How Much To Charge As A Freelance Interior Designer?

The amount you should charge depends upon your ability and the quality of work you provide. But if you have just stepped into this career, it is better to charge between $50 to $125 per hour. After becoming an experienced freelance interior designer, you can increase your service rate. Moreover, many interior designers are charging up to $200 per hour.

4-What Does A Freelance Interior Designer Do?

As a freelance interior designer, your work is to help people decorate their homes, rooms, offices, and hotels according to their tastes, budget, and preferences. Furthermore, interior designers help their clients to choose the right colours and furniture for their space. They make their space look more beautiful, comfortable, and aesthetic.

5-How Can I Work As A Freelance Interior Designer With No Experience?

The best way to learn things after getting a degree is through practically implementing the things learned. You can work with an experienced and professional interior designer by doing an internship in any architectural firm. Therefore, it is the best way to get experience. After it, you have to make your account on various freelancing platforms. Then, you’ll become ready to provide your services as a freelance interior designer.

6-How Many Hours Do A Freelance Interior Designer Work?

According to a survey conducted in 2022 by Houzz, interior designers work between 31 and 50 hours per week. Furthermore, it depends on your capability.

7-How Long, Does It Takes To Become A Freelance Interior Designer?

A bachelor’s degree in interior design takes four years. After the degree, it takes one or two years to gain experience and become a certified interior designer.

8-Is It Difficult To Become A Freelance Interior Designer

The simple answer for this is ‘no‘ compared to other fields. There is more room for interior designers in freelancing. Thus, it’s the best way to kick-start your career. There is effort required at the initial stages, but consistency is the key to success as there is nothing free in this World. Everything takes time and effort.

9-What Age Is Required To Be A Freelance Interior Designer?

There is no defined age for a freelance interior designer. Also, It is one of the biggest pros of freelancing. Therefore, all you need is knowledge and some experience.

10-Can I Do Freelancing With Interior Designing?

Yes, interior designers have much more advantages in freelancing. As well as that, the initial effort required to enter any field is comparatively low in interior design. Therefore, you can start your freelance interior designer career immediately by applying for online jobs onboard.


If you are passionate about making your career in interior design, then, freelancing is the best way to make it. The steps you need to follow, freelancing platforms for interior designing, interior designer services,  freelancer interior designers jobs, interior designer pay, ways to avoid scams, and all the related queries has briefly discussed in this article.

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