Can You Sell Alcohol On Shopify?

Can you sell alcohol on Shopify? Yes, you can sell alcohol on Shopify. To sell alcohol online, you must obtain a liquor license and ensure that your business conforms to all relevant rules and laws. However, as soon as everything is in order, you may start selling alcohol on your Shopify store alongside other goods.

So, can you sell alcohol on Shopify? to answer this question in detail, continue reading the article.

You can sell alcohol on Shopify, but you must follow all applicable laws governing where you can advertise and trade and Shopify’s terms of service. Before functioning, you should do the necessary research and due diligence because this varies by state and nation.

Therefore, to help you sell alcohol on Shopify, here are some things to remember:

To help you sell alcohol on Shopify
  • You must get a liquor license.
  • You must ensure that your shop complies with all relevant laws and rules.
  • You must implement age verification for your customers.

These are a few considerations you should consider if you intend to sell alcohol on Shopify. First, make sure you research and organize everything before you begin trading, and you should have no trouble doing so.


Selling alcohol on Shopify is prohibited. You can face legal repercussions if you do this. Furthermore, there is no legal advice in this article; it was intended to provide information.

What To Take Into Account When Selling Alcohol on Shopify

You have to overcome a few additional challenges when setting up a Shopify site selling alcohol.

In the section below, I’ll list a few of the topics you should think about and research beforehand.

1. Legal Obligation
  • You must first and foremost be familiar with the rules and legislation governing the sale of alcohol.
  • And it may quickly get difficult since you have to consider the local rules in each region where you promote and sell, which might differ.
  • However, most places have strict laws governing alcohol, including minimum drinking ages and an extensive list of additional criteria, such as:
  • To make, promote, sell, or deliver alcohol, you need a license.
  • You must maintain complete records of all alcoholic beverages sold.
  • Moreover, to prevent clients under the legal age from making purchases from you, you must have a visible and effective age verification system in place.
2. Pay Attention To Alcohol Taxes
  • You’ll be in charge of paying tax on your sales, which is another thing to keep in mind.
  • Fortunately, if you know the rates, you can set up automatic tax rules in the backend of your Shopify site, which will charge customers appropriately at the moment of sale.
3. Identification And Age Verification
  • Customers must be of legal drinking age to make purchases from your store, and this need must be made clear.
  • You must ensure that IDs are verified if you provide the product internally.
  • Additionally, it is worthwhile to post a prominent note about these criteria in your store.
  • You may put information like “you will need to present proof of age upon delivery” in the notes section for each order.

Guidelines For Selling Alcohol On Shopify

The following guidelines may help you decrease the complexity and execution hurdles associated with managing an online alcohol business on Shopify.

1. Change The Location Of Your Shipments

Firstly, limiting or being extremely picky about where you shop can save you many hassles.

You can change your shipping rules in your Shopify admin.

And it would help if you carried out this.

Additionally, some applications enable you to more precisely regulate the locations of deliveries, such as in certain cities.


You would prefer to ship to something other than specific states because you cannot or would find it too difficult.

2. Only Local Delivery

If you provide local delivery, you will have more control over the age verification process and can make sure that all ID checks are made when your product is delivered.

3. Store Age Alerts And Popups

Installing conspicuous age verification popups, checkboxes, or messaging along critical stages of the customer journey will guarantee they are noticed and help prevent customers from purchasing from you only to be later unable to show they are of legal age.

Additionally, this will assist in guaranteeing that you abide by Shopify’s acceptable use policy and terms of service.

You can now accomplish this via an app you download from the app store or even engage a Shopify specialist to carry out this task for you.

The latter can be especially effective if you sell in areas where the legal drinking age varies, such as 18 or 21.

4. Think About Your Branding, Theme, And Layout

The style and layout of your Shopify store will significantly impact how your consumers perceive your items and brand, which will directly or indirectly affect how many sales you earn.

You could use a consumer persona as an example. You may want to emphasize the distinct flavors of your items.

Moreover, you can think about utilizing Shopify categories or highlighting some goods more prominently than others.

When it comes to categories, they may be either based on the type of goods, such as “beer,” “wine,” etc., or they can be something completely different, such as “bargain bin,” “the vintage collection,” etc.

Furthermore, take your time to develop and design your business, consider your theme selections, and make as many customizations as possible. You will assist you in differentiating yourself from the competition and generating the revenue you founded this company for!

Lastly, ensure that users can efficiently traverse the website and that it is neat, uncluttered, and searchable.
It’s also good to draw attention to picks and “best-of” items.

5. Think About Subscriptions And Memberships

First, retention and generating repeat customers is the most challenging aspect of growing a business.

A fantastic approach to achieving this is to start a club, subscription, or membership.

You may give examples of this by saying things like “new beer every month” or “monthly boxes.”

Next, you can establish, administer, and control this centrally using a variety of Shopify applications.

Besides, there is much room for growth regarding what you sell, how you may differentiate yourself from the competition, and how to increase recurring income.

Lastly, just be explicit about what your consumers will receive when they sign up!

6. Take Into Account Bulk Buy Discounts

Offering discounts to customers who buy a particular amount of your goods is a terrific method to boost sales.

Buy six beers, get two free, for instance.

Or, save 10% when you purchase a case of six wines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Sell Alcohol On Shopify UK?

Yes, you may sell alcoholic beverages on Shopify UK, but there are a few considerations. The first need for selling alcohol in the UK is a license. The second thing you must do is ensure your Shopify store is configured to adhere to UK alcohol sales laws and regulations.

2. What Products Cannot Be Sold On Shopify?

Explosives, guns, and similar products are prohibited on Shopify Markets Pro.

3. Can You Promote Alcohol On Your Website?

In the US, alcohol advertisements must be directed at viewers at least 21 years old. Alcohol advertisements must not: Target or are particularly likely to appeal to those under the legal drinking age in the region where the ad will appear.

4. What License Do You Need To Sell Alcohol On Shopify Online UK?

Any company or entity that regularly sells or delivers alcohol must apply for a premises license. Therefore, a personal permit must be used by anybody who intends to sell, provide, or authorize the sale or supply of alcohol.

5. How Do I Start An Online Alcohol Business UK?

You will require a personal license and a premises license to sell alcohol legally online. A premises license designates your company location as a location where the dispatch of alcohol may lawfully occur. In contrast, a personal license permits you to handle and sell alcohol.


6. Can You Sell Alcohol On Instagram Rather Than Shopify?

It is not permitted for private individuals to buy or sell alcoholic goods. You cannot publish anything that attempts to purchase, sell, trade, donate, or gift alcohol items if not uploaded by a Page, Group, or Instagram Profile affiliated with an actual physical location, reliable website, or well-known company.

7. Is It Profitable To Sell Alcohol On Shopify?

If you open a liquor shop as a franchise, the franchisor will assist you with the setup procedure, making it a highly successful business. You should purchase an existing liquor shop, though. In addition, you require a company development plan as part of the financing procedure.

8. Is It Hard To Start An Alcohol Business?

Any new company venture is challenging, but from a legal standpoint, the alcoholic beverage industry may be highly problematic. According to Michael B., “Alcohol beverage businesses are heavily regulated at the federal, state, and, in certain circumstances, municipal levels.

9. Do You Need A Business License To Dropship On Shopify?

To put it briefly, you don’t need a company license to sell dropship on Shopify. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, though. You should apply for a sales tax license depending on your residence and the kinds of goods you sell.

10. What Happens If You Sell Alcohol Without A DPS?

You incur the danger of being charged with a crime, paying an unlimited fine, and spending six months in prison if you sell alcohol without a DPS with a current personal license.


You can sell alcohol on Shopify. Most companies do. Additionally, several brands are prospering greatly as a result. Just make sure you conduct the necessary research in advance. Be aware of your obligations and make sure you are following the law.

Due to the complexity, it is advised to seek legal counsel in this situation. Yes, that will cost you, but if you’re serious about growing your company, consider it merely a start-up fee that will serve you well.

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