How You Can Match Your Marketing Goal To The Correct Ad Extension  


How to match your marketing goal to the correct ad extension – You can match your marketing goal to the correct ad extension by knowing which ad extension to use when. As an e-commerce website owner, you must know how to utilize ad extensions to their full potential.
So, are you confused about why your ads are not generating enough sales? Whether you want to know how to match your marketing goal to the correct ad extension? So, this article will show you exactly how.





Types Of Marketing Goals 

Marketing goals are the objectives set to be achieved by a business. Moreover, knowing your business’s marketing goals and planning according to them is crucial to your commercial success. The different types of marketing goals businesses aim to achieve are discussed further below.


Marketing GoalsHow To Achieve Them
Increasing brand awarenessLike, it spread awareness regarding your brand to become recognizable among consumers.
Increasing your website’s trafficJust, to make more people visit your website via ads or social media engagement.
Making your business competitiveProvide better quality products/services so you can establish your authority in the industry among competitors.
Rising customer valueSo, to increase your product’s value for the customers.
Generating good-quality leadsTo attract customers with high prospects for buying your product/service.
Gaining new customersSimilarly, attracting potential customers toward your brand and convinces them to buy your product.
Encouraging brand engagementTo make your customers positively connect to your brand.
Increasing revenueTo grow your sales exponentially.
Boosting internal brandingMaking sure your employees understand and withhold the core values of your brand
Types of marketing goals and how to achieve them


Marketing goals are made to direct a business to its success. Identifying and working towards your company’s specific marketing goals are essential to long-term success. Some marketing goals are making people aware of your brand, gaining traffic on your website, and generating sales.


Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions are extra features you can add to be shown adjacent to your ads. They contain links to specific subpages on your website and more info about your brand/product, thus enhancing user ad experience. However, businesses benefit a lot by matching ad extensions to their ads.


Benefits Of Using Ad Extensions 

  • Ad extensions are used to give the user more options to access, like call extensions, price extensions, Etc.
  • It increases a website’s traffic without you having to invest a lot more in ads.
  • Ad extensions enhance the overall user ad experience.
  • They are also shown to significantly increase your ad quality and rank, increasing click-through rates and the prospect of increased sales.
  • Google prefers ads with more ad extensions.
  • You are more likely to get good-quality business leads by using ad extensions.
  • You add more valuable information for your potential customer to decide better.
  • Similarly, providing the viewer with additional information can help convince them to be your buyer.
  • Furthermore, you do not have to pay any extra charges for ad extensions.


Ad extensions are additional features added alongside ads to give more information to the viewer. So, adding ad extensions have several benefits, including high feedback, increasing ad rank, and gaining new customers.


Types Of Ad Extensions 


Call extensions  
Image extensions
Location extensions
Price extensions
Callout extensions
Review extensions
Sitelink extensions
Structured extensions
Promotion extensions
App extensions
Types Of Ad Extensions 



Match The Marketing Goal To The Correct Ad Extension

Ad extensions are a great way to increase your ad performance, but with so many ad extensions out there, it can not be obvious which one to use and when. Many people skip the option of ad extensions as they find it complicated. The following paragraphs will show you how to use the correct ad extension according to your marketing goal.


1. Call Extensions  

Call extensions encourage the viewer to call you directly for further information. It does that by showing your phone number with your ad. However, it should be noted that you must have a call service to answer customers’ queries for this ad extension. In addition, you can add the hours you are available for if you do not run a call service 24/7. However, on mobile, your customers will get the option to call you directly.


2. Image Extensions 

Image extensions allow you to add an image(s) of your product besides your ad. It should be noted, though, that this is a relatively new Google ad feature. Also, adult content and alcohol-related images are not allowed.

So, consider this extension if your product is eye-catching and capable of attracting customers. As this is still a new feature, you can make your ads more prominent compared to your competitors by using image extensions.


3. Location Extensions 

Location extensions show your customer where your physical store is. However, you can also add the location of other retail stores that sell your product.
However, you must use location extensions if you are an established business with your products available in a store. So, if you manufacture and have your offline store, using this ad extension is a great way to attract customers to your store. Adding a location extension allows customers to choose whether to buy online or from the store.


4. Price Extensions 

Showing price extensions on your ad lets your customers know the exact cost they have to pay. Price is one of the major determinants in buying, so clearly showing it will help you gain trust among the customers. This ad extension saves them the pain of contacting or visiting your website to know the Price. Moreover, anyone who will contact you afterward knows the Price and has probably decided to buy. You can also add multiple product or service packages for customers to know.


5. Callout Extensions 

These are additional 25 characters to highlight your business’s unique selling points (USPs), but contrary to other extensions, these are not a link. If you want to add captivating content, callout extensions are for you. Callout extensions are also helpful if you have exceeded the character limit on your ad tet and would like to add more important information.

There are plenty of phrases to choose from. However, some popular options are ‘Free shipping,’ ’24/7 service’, ‘Upto 50% off’, Etc.


6. Review Extensions 

This extension is for you if you have an established business with many positive reviews. Furthermore, adding review extensions will help you gain trust among the customers. So, you can show reviews, rankings by other sources, and awards in this extension.

You can add one of your highly regarded reviews and link to others on your website. So, anyone wishing to see more of your product/service’s reviews can directly go to the review page through this extension.


7. Sitelink Extensions 

Use a link extension if you want to direct people to specific subpages on your website. However, it is an effective way to save your customer the effort and time to contact. So, it sends your customers directly to the info they want to access. Furthermore, Sitelink extensions are a must-add for every e-commerce website nowadays.

However, you can direct your customer to your product page, the home page, the review page, Etc.


8. Structured Snippet Extensions 

If you want your potential customers to know specific features of a product or service, this ad extension is to go for. Your customers will know the key features of your product/service before even visiting your website, which will aid them in deciding better.

Whether your product has a particular feature that makes it stands out or something you would like to highlight, structured snippets must be used. Structured extensions are made so that your customers can instantly identify what your product/service is about.


9. Promotion Extensions 

Contrary to the other extensions, this is to be used when you are having a sale or a promotion. In addition to letting your potential customers know of the sale, this extension will direct them to your website where there is a sale. So, sales are an attractive way to attract a lot of customers if used the right way.
However, you can turn this feature on and off without making a new ad every time you run a sale.

Pro Tip:

Add the promotion extension alongside the headline to make it prominent. Additionally, adding promotion codes is a great way to increase your profit.



10. App Extensions 

As the name suggests, this extension will send your customer directly to your mobile App if you have one. So, what are the chances that the viewer will go to the App Store themselves and download your app? Very low. However, By showing, the option to download and access your app in one click, you are making your app more accessible to everyone. Obviously, link the ad extension directly to your app on the app store.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Search ad extensions matter because they will provide more information to the viewer. Ad extensions are shown to increase your sales and brand awareness. They will prove to be crucial to your brand’s success.

2. Will Using Ad Extensions Be Profitable For My Business?

If used the right way, yes. It should be noted that many factors contribute to a business being profitable. With that being said, using multiple ad extensions has been shown to increase website traffic and, subsequently revenue of your business.

3. How Can I Generate Sales Using Ad Extensions?

Adding ad extensions will automatically increase your web traffic and revenue. So, as ad extensions improve your leads, more potential customers will visit and consider buying your product/service. Furthermore, this trick is using ad extensions that match your marketing goal to generate maximum profit.

4. Can Anyone Use Ad extensions?

If you have an e-commerce website and you are already running ads, you must use ad extensions. And also, anyone who runs an e-commerce website can and must use ad extensions. Even if you do not run ads already, you can easily make ads and add ad extensions to them.

5. Is Adding Ad Extensions A Complicated Process?

No, it’s not complicated. However, adding ad extensions is simple if you already have an ad running on the internet. So, anyone can learn and add ad extensions in a matter of minutes.

Even if you do not have an ad, you can easily make one using Google Ad Extensions or Microsoft Ad Extensions.

6. How Many Ad Extensions Should I Add?

That depends on your specific marketing goals though you should aim for at least three ad extensions. The most basic ones to add are site link extensions, structured snippet extensions, and callout extensions. Feel free to add as many as you think will benefit you.

7. Where Can I Get The Best Ad Extensions From?

Google ad extensions and Microsoft ad extensions are the most popular ad extensions out there.

8. How Can I, As A Beginner, Add Google Ad Extensions?

These are the steps you can follow to add Google Ad extensions:

  • First, Go to the Ads Extensions tab on the left panel of your Google Ads account.
  • Select extensions at the top of the page.
  • Now, click the blue + button.
  • Select the extension you would like to add from the menu.
  • Enter the info. Click on Preview to see how it will show.
  • Click on Save when you are done.

9. Do I Have To Pay For Google Ad Extension?

Neither Google ad extensions nor Microsoft ad extensions are completely free. You only have to pay for cost per click {CPC} on your ads. However, you already do if you run ads. You will not have to pay any extra charges for the ad extensions.

10. Is It Important To Match The Marketing Goal With The Correct Ad Extension?

Yes, of course, it is the most crucial step to ensure you get the full benefits from the ad extensions you have added. However, you can only see significant returns using the right ad extensions according to your specific marketing goal.



Yes, you should match your marketing goal to the correct ad extension. If you run an e-commerce store and have yet to utilize ad extensions to their full potential, you are missing out on much success for your business. Particularly, pay importance to match your marketing goal to the correct ad extension, and you will soon see the difference.

You can definitely use multiple ad extensions for different uses as well. For example, you can use a Callout Extension to highlight your sale or a specific product or a Promotion Extension to highlight key features of your product around the sale time.
I hope you know how to match your marketing goal to the correct ad extensions.


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